Brisbane Digital Engineering _

Digital solutions to engineering problems in challenging environments.

Digital activity reporting enables paperless operations, short interval control, KPI/OEE, and trend reporting; all driving process improvement.

Support for data collection using hazardous environment certified hardware with customised time usage models and ancillary data collection.

Workflow integration for signoff, approvals, and survey correction; with data exposed to reporting tools of your choice.

Legacy telemetry systems can require continuously available private network coverage, which can be prohibitively expensive in some environments.

We provide a telemetry streaming solution that provides reliability over unreliable networks, security over untrusted networks, and realtime complex queries direct to dashboard.

This solution is lightweight and cloud-ready; and can be mesh-deployed to provide both at-source historians and global reach from the cloud.

Delivering complex analytics over telemetry streams in real-time allows true source-to-boardroom, globally accessible dashboards, and eliminates lag in information flow to decision makers and stakeholders.

A real-time query language significantly reduces complexity in analysis, enabling rapid development of analytic solutions.

Providing expertise in information architecture, with specialist focus on domain modelling, data flow, and data visualisation.

We have particular experience in underground coal and related industries.