Real-Time Analytics

A system that understands your intent

We took our focus on high performance and applied it to user queries. Lower latency between your ideas and expressing them in a query language leads to higher throughput in your analysis - which empowers you to deliver complex results faster and with more accuracy.

Using Real Time Query Language (RTQL) your queries deliver continuous results in real time, handling irregular and unsynchronised data streams

6 4 1 3 2 1 a + b 1 7 9 6 5
"Site Temperature":
    avg(weatherstation.temp, gatehouse.temp)
"Production Per Machine":
    output.products / count(...machine*.control.running)
"Load Per Truck":
    bay4.conveyor.weightometer sum until (bay4.exitsensor) limit 15 mins
"Consumption Today":
    sum(...boiler*.power) cumulative antiderivative over 1 day
dynamic_formReal Time Historian

A high performance and low latency streaming engine powers both historical and realtime queries. It allows combinations of different pieces of information to be brought together to enable complex analytics, while maintaining live updates.

The historian provides high-performance streaming of any data request, both historical and real-time, with smooth handover. There is no "polling"; data rates from source to dashboard are primarily limited by network latency.

When operating as part of a multi-node deployment over unreliable networks the historian prioritises reestablishing live data streams, and backfills historical data when bandwidth is available.

filter_center_focusFocussed Query Language

RTQL empowers users with a language dedicated to analysis of realtime data streams. This enables straightforward query text to result real-time data streams with appropriate handling of synchronisation of source data, low-latency updates, historical to realtime continuation handoff, and stale data handling.

RTQL provides exceptional performance and ease of use when compared to typical SQL-based analytics. It delivers features specific to realtime data streams, such as automatic synchronisation of different data streams, windowed aggregation based on time or other events, and ensures that all queries can deliver ongoing streamed results.

insightsBoardroom Ready

Full Grafanalaunch integration enables low-latency update of dashboards - delivered onto any platform from big-screen wallboards to personal mobile devices. No app required for end users.

Open protocol based on web standards allows integration with custom apps or data stores.

Open architecture allows integration with your tooling of choice, such as Tableau, Amazon QuickSight, Microsoft PowerBI, or custom presentation tools.