Activity Reporting

We build tailored task reporting systems on Brisbane Digital Engineering's battle-tested base technology, leveraging our experience in delivering true paperless long-term multi-site reporting and digital compliance solutions.

Accuracy in reporting improves predictive models, providing increased certainty with tenders or internal planning. Customisable reports build according to contractual KPIs can ensure correct bonuses are claimed and commercial performance is rapidly available to stakeholders.

  • timer Reduce event-to-boardroom lag
  • timeline Easily access trend reporting
  • biotech Improve prediction accuracy
  • verified Maximise contractual bonuses
charging_stationPaperless Reporting

Using tailored time usage models, we enable continuous task-based activity reporting. Direct entry on portable devices allows short interval control and true paperless shift reports, with task-specific user interfaces providing ease of data entry.

Post-hoc web user interfaces can also be made available for digitisation of existing reporting methods, with zero-impact on existing crews.

Appropriate EX-IA certified portable devices are available, both smartphone and tablet format.

analyticsActivity Analysis

Careful selection of time usage model detail enables tasks to be comparable across sites and timelines. Deep statistical analysis can expose data anomalies, highlight variances, and estimate complex KPIs such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Accessible data provided to ad-hoc reporting tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, or Quicksight enables best-in-class dashboards, AI powered analysis, and discoverability for power users.

account_treeIntegrated Workflow

Flexible workflow, supporting multiple levels of signoff, approval, survey correction, etc.

Ability to integrate with existing organisation single-sign-on, allowing permissions to be managed by in-house IT.

Various hosting options to cater for limited site connectivity, data sovereignty requirements, or preferred cloud/management providers.