Reliable. Performant. Secure.

Telemetry systems, particularly in hazardous or remote environments, face difficult challenges. Our solution is designed from the ground up to run where collection is needed, to exfiltrate data in realtime to where it is wanted, and to be tolerant to any network or power outages along the way. In addition, open protocols and formats allow integration with preferred systems, while maintaining security and trust boundaries.

more_time Reliability

Deploy multiple nodes to ensure a historian is always reachable by telemetry sources or clients

Eventual consistency over low bandwidth or unreliable networks and realtime data streaming when network conditions permit.

"Data Mule" support for true zero-connectivity situations.

Containerisation technology means no install, immediate upgrade, and infrastructure-as-code support.

speed Performance

Run-anywhere: Nodes can scale down to run on-machine, on embedded hardware.

Multiple choice data stores, from embedded solutions to database servers

Cloud-ready, enabling global reach.

High efficiency standards-based protocols.

security Security

No passwords to leak. Certificate based infrastructure allows proof of identity.

Operate over untrusted networks: Modern standards based encryption and authentication of every message.